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When I was younger, we lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina´s capital city.I think that B.A is great place to live and Arg. is and amazing country.
One of the best things about B.A is that everything feels big. It´s a huge country and many people leave there. I really love the Argen. climate, it´s always sunny but when the windy arrives it´s less pleasant . The buildings are modern, but many place not´s beautiful.
Argen. is famous for his meat and football. In the summer night yo u can see thousands of people playing football and eating a good meat in the Plata´s Street. I remember the colour of the meat... was amazing.
I think that the best thing about Argen. is the people, are really really friendly. I made a lots of friends there one day I´d like to see them again

My best friend´s name is Salvador. He´s eighteen but he looks younger. He´s got fairly pale skin and long blonde hair. He´s about the same heigh as me, 1.87 cm, and he´s slim
He´s got a really friendly smile which definitely matches his personality. He´s popular at school because he´s a fun person to be with. He´s easy going with his friends, but he sometimes gets quite nervous about exams.
Steve has always been very thoughtful friend and he always knows when i´m not happy. He wants to be a journalist. He´s got a great imagination, so I think that he´ll definitely be a successful manager product

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