Redaccion should school cafeterias serve only healthy food?

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Educating teenagers to consume Healthy food.

Nowadays, Eating healthy food is a positive trend among the population. However many People don’t have a healthy diet. For example teenagers eat a lot of fast food, Lollipops an stuff. For this reason in many countries there are both obese Children and obese adults, so obesity in own society has become a serious Problem.

Some Reasons are the little education about eating healthy food that these children Have received at schools and in their homes, because this education has to start At home, when you are a baby.

On The other hand, the school cafeterias don’t offer healthy food, most of them serve unhealthy food, like snacks, to improve their sales. Due to this, Teenagers usually eat unhealthy food.

For These reasons, the case of Connor is frequent in the developed countries: Teenagers suffer from health problems and they are in risk of dying in a early Age.

In Order to improve this situation, schools showed offer more education about Alimentation: healthy and unhealthy foods, the risk of not having a balanced Diet and because of it, having a poor health.

The Government should pratocinate campaigns about it, in order to improve the Health of people in the country.

In Conclusion, in spite of making people aware of the importance of healthy Habits, many of them have to improve their diet in order to be fit and to make Their life longer too, without suffering any kind of illnesses.

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