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On the one hand (por un lado), On the other hand (por otro Lado), 

although (aunque), However (sin embargo), In addition (además), Also 

(también), As well as (así Como).

The movie shows...(La Película muestra...), 

It seems to me a fascinating film (me pareció una película fascinante)

You will enjoy it. I recommend it to everyone (tu Disfrutarás con ella. Yo la recomiendo)


My name is G. I`m 16 years old. I live in Soria. I haven`t brothers. I am only child.

I`m a very friendly Person and people say I`m quite shy. I enjoy sport and often play badminton After school and at weekends. However, my greatest love is technology Especially computers. When I grow up I want to be a programmer and invent fun Games. Now in my free time I stay with my friends, I go to the cinema or I Watch TV

My plans for The future are to study a computing module but before I have to pass this Course. Although for me it is difficult this year I`m going to make an effort To do well. I know that school is very important for my future so I will work Hard to pass all subjets.


On July 17th My parents and I we went to Valencia. We were watching the museum of arts and Sciences. It`s a very interesting museum and I really liked it.

When we went To hotel, there was a lottery ticket on the floor. I took it. Two days later I Knew that it was a prize of 10.000 €. My parent we didn`t understand anything.

It`s was a Great day and I felt very happy. It was incredible and fun.


Television is A medium of mass communication. In my opinion it is one of the most important Inventions in history and has grown quickly.

Thanks to Television, we can know what happens in our country and in other countries, we Can know other cultures, we can see sports ... In addition, television offers Educational programs for children, as well as interesting documentaries for all Ages. No other invention has been as popular as television because thanks to It, we can see live news and events occurring anywhere in the world.

In Conclusion, I think that television has been a great invention and if you are Bored, you can see a funny movie or your favorite program. I love the TV.

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