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composition i am going to write about myself. my name is fran. iam 16 yeras old and im from corella. i like playing football,music and party. i am medium-height, well-but and young. i have got brown,curly,long hair also i have got beard. i like listening to music,running,reading anda computer games. i usually study , watch tv and playinf football. i usually wear blue denim jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket, i also wear socks with trainers. i am very sparty,competitive,loyal and very adventurous. iam going to study to became a policeman and play to become a professional footballer.redaction my friend amartin had an accident, he was riding his motorbike, suddenly a cat crossed the street. he couldn.t stop because he was riding fast, then he run over on to the poor cat. it died at that moment it happened in my neighbour hood at five o,clock in the afternoon las friday.

e-mails hi marco, do you want to come with me to a party? the party will be in the carol locals on the twentieth of mayo. so it will be the next week the party starts at ten o,clock. i celebrate the party because i won the lottery last friday. let me know if you are coming or not. fran composition i am went to sevilla in the last summer with my parents and i enjoy oursekves very much, i left the car to go to bilbao to travelledbe plane. we stay in one hotel called atlantic.i an my parents met many people. they were the italia,england,australia and eeuu they were vey handsome and enterteining. the time of the days werent very well tought the son was,to do cold. we used to ate in the hotel ate in a restaurant next to the place os bulls. there were many people for sevilla thought initially not know to anybody ultimately we us did friends of a few spanish who were of cordoba. my opinion are that these are the vacations very enterteining anda spectacular of my life.

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