Refer to the exhibit. The command ip route S0/0/0 is run on router R2. What are the two results of this command

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15-Which command would allow advertising only addresses

 of to when applied by using

 a neighbor statement that contains prefix-list [prefix-list

 name] out?

*permit le 24

permit ge 24


permit eq 24

16-Which one is the VPNs solution

Site-to-Remote VPNs

Site-access VPNs

*Site-to-site VPNs

Remote-to-Remote VPNs

17-Which statement is correct about IPsec crypto maps?

*The crypto map defines the IPsec tunnel endpoint or peer.

Packets that do not meet the criteria as specified in the

 crypto map are dropped.

The crypto map is not applied to the outbound interface that

the router is peering with.

A crypto map is used to negotiate and exchange authentication

 and encryption parameters with its peer.

18-What is a limitation of IPsec by design?

*IPsec only forwards unicast traffic.

IPsec does not support encryption for traffic over a GRE tunnel.

IPsec forwards unicast and multicast traffic, but not broadcast


IPsec tunneling does not support the encapsulation of RFC 1918


19-A significant benefit of IPsec VPNs is





20-Crypto ACL in IPsec VPN configuration specifies

The initial VPN security

How the IPsec packet will be encapsulated

*The traffic that will trigger the VPN to activate

Which interface is actively looking to create a VPN

In which PPDIOO phase do key decision makers

collect the information of existing network?

Design Phase

Implement Phase

Operate Phase

Optimize Phase

*Plan Phase

Prepare Phase

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