Refer to the exhibit. All the routers are properly configured to use the RIP routing protocol with default settings, and the network is fully converged. Router A is forwarding data to router E. Which statement is true about the routing path?

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-Refer to the below Exhibit. Write the steps to configure

 a VPN tunnel based on GRE to carry multicast Traffic

 over the ISP network.

  Create a tunnel interface for GRE.

  Configure GRE tunnel parameters including IP address,

 source and destination tunnel addresses, and tunnel mode.

  Change the crypto ACL to encrypt GRE traffic.

  Configure routing protocols to route through the GRE tunnel.

1-Refer to the below Exhibit. Which parameters are

 required to configure after creating a virtual GRE tunnel?

Once in interface configuration mode, configure the tunne

 parameters including:

IP address

Tunnel source

Tunnel destination

Tunnel mode (type of tunnel)

2-Which network requirement is impacted by the mix

of different traffic types in modern Networks?

Network redundancy

Network scalability

*Security and performance

Security and scalability

Connectivity between Core and Distribution

3-Which type of traffic should provide the information

 about the status of the network and its devices?

real-time traffic

transactional traffic

routing protocol traffic

*network management traffic

4-The XYZ Corporation implements the network for its

 new headquarters via the use of the Cisco Enterprise

 Architecture. The network administrator wants to add

 a new application server. Where should the

 administrator deploy this new server?

*enterprise data center

enterprise edge

enterprise campus

service provider edge

5-When designing a network infrastructure, a network

 engineer will use the hierarchical network model.

 Where should the engineer apply the network policies?

Core layer

*Distribution layer

Access layer

Access and core layers

6-Each router running BGP is called a

BGP neighbor

*BGP speaker



7-Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

The neighbor at is an ebgp peer

The neighbor at is an internal peer.

*The neighbor at is an internal peer.

RTA is going to advertise that it is part of AS 300.

RTA is going to advertise network to its neighbors.

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