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Government Reform: Economics and Society: The worldwide economic depression began with the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange in 1929.La global crisis paralyzed América.Había migration to internal problems such as unemployment agriculture, inequitable land distribution, poor international competitiveness, etc.Aunque also had some positive effects on the economy by raising the income of workers and increase demand for consumer goods, which did not correspond to an increase in productividad.El government opted for a policy to reduce public spending to reduce the deficit. / The slowness of reforms led to disenchantment and impatience of the workers taking into account that unemployment was very high and the attitude of the employers and owners agrícolas.La CNT saw the perfect opportunity for his revolutionary project and encouraged the insurrection campesina.Las laboraly conflict strikes, insurrections and land occupations were aumentando.Estos events produced a great crisis gobierno.La wear was used by all sectors opposed to the Republic to try to finish with the Republican-Socialist coalition.

. The CEDA and Fascism: The Republican reforms and social unrest upset the economic elites, social and ideológias.El restructured center-right Radical Party Lerroux.La CEDA emerged in 1933, was quickly with a good number of members and a leader who was Gil Robles.Algunos sectors of the army intended to take advantage of the discontent among conservative groups sociedad.Haciéndose reflects this discomfort, Sanjay made a coup to force the turn of the Republic on the right but creates fracasó.Se Spanish Military Union (EMU) which was a clandestine military organization, right-wing anti-reform.

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