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2) When you design The new contracts database for the publishing house mentioned above, what Fields do you anticipate needing? Which of these fields might be in use in Other databases used by the company?

Answer:  Author first name, author last name, author Address, agent name and address, title of book, book ISBN, date of contract, Amount of money, payment schedule, date contract ends.

      Other Databases might be an author database (author names, address, and agent Details), a book title database (title and ISBN of book), and financial Database (payments made).

6) Identify and Describe three basic operations used to extract useful sets of data from a Relational database.

Answer:  The select operation creates a subset Consisting of all records (rows) in the table that meets stated criteria. The Join operation combines relational tables to provide the user with more Information than is available in individual tables. The project operation Creates a subset consisting of columns in a table, permitting the user to Create new tables that contain only the information required.

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