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VYD Nowadays (Tema) Now I am going to explain the advantages and disad. On the one hand there are somo advantages: First (_). Secondly (-) Thirdly (-).On the other hand there Are also some disad.Moreover ,Furthermore…  To be honest (There are a lot Of disad- but we try to.. Because is necessary..

OE. Questions. This Sould disappear and the sooner the better. Now, I am going to write about this Topic. It can be interesting. Frommy point Of view, I dont agree. First, but not only that. At the same time the.. In Adiction it. Picking up the first point another thing/note…To sum up, I believe that whole reasons suppose a big problema…

LoC. (PASADO) Dear Sir/Madam,- I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with… I recently bought, received. Dirstly, futhermore, Another cause for Complaint was.. (Problm: I would like you to confirm that you will send me// I Would like you to refund my money or send me... ) I would appreciate if you Would look into this matter as son as posible. (Your faithfylly). Mi nombre.

Verb + to-inf (PASADO)Threaten Offer refuse promise agree. Verb+someone + to - inf Remind ask recomen advise forbid encourage invite warn order. Verb + -ing Admit (to) suggest regret Advise recommend deny. Verb+preposition +-ing. Complained to me about, accused me of, insist on me/my…, apologised (sb) for… Verb +that-clause. Complaint Admid explain promise deny suggest claim

G,I Verb+gerund: Avoid Cant help, deny, dread, enjoy, (cant face), fancy,feellike, finish, give up Imagine, keep on mind, miss, postpone, practise, put off, resent, risk, spend Time, cant stand, suggest. Verb + Infinitive with to: Afford, agree, aim, dare, decide, expect, fail, happen, Hope, manage, mean, offer, prepare, pretend, promise, refuse, seem, threaten, Want, wish. 

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