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8 specific human rights of the church: Right to life, Political rights, Moral and cultural rights, right to worship, Right to choose ones own state of life, Economic rights, Right to meet/ associate, Right to emigrate.

Increased pollution, Rising temperatures, Mass extinction and the loss of biodiversity
Groups whose rights are often abused: Families-long working hours and low wages have the worst impact on families, Also, family members suffer more from wage cuts and firings than single people do. Women- because they have more health needs than men, women are not hired at the same rate, treated as well, or paid equal wages. Immigrants
Ordinary means cannot be taken away from a person, even in end of life situations. These things include food and water. Extraordinary means are things such as life support, and the church says it is upon the families discrepancy what to do in the situation. The church doesn’t condemn “pulling the plug” if someone is on life support
Capitalism- Solidarity Communism- Subsidiarity Socialism-Stewardship
Just Cause- must have a viable reason to go to war, Proportionality- the damage done must be proportional to the lives at stake, Last resort- Must have plans before war such as diplomacy, Probability of Success- must have a chance to win

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