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Capitalism- Solidarity, Communism- Subsidiarity, Socialism-Stewardship

...Ordinary means cannot be taken away from a person, even in end of life situations. (food and water) Extraordinary means= life support (Up to families what to do in situation, church does not condemn pulling plug)...

Right to life, property, cultural, meet/organize, family, political, immigrate, worship... Families- long working hours and low wages have the worst impact on families, wage cuts Women-  more health needs than men, not hired at the same rate, treated as well, or paid equal wages Immigrants- hard to get jobs, treated unequally... Just Cause- must have reason to go to war, Proportionality- damage done must be proportional to the lives at stake, Last resort- Must have plans before war such as diplomacy, Probability of Success- must have a chance to win...Increased pollution, Rising temperatures,Mass extinction and the loss of biodiversity  

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