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¡Escribe tu textThis film is worth watching/im looking forward to taking some great Photos/i started working here eight years ago/its up to us to end enviromental Disasters/i expect her to come any minute now/music is used to encourage Shoppers to buy more/she warned us not to get into trouble/his new order means Working overtime/i avoided bumping into the car in front of braking/john Suggested going ti see the new play tonight/the party turned out to be a Success/the new durable and lightweight running shoes allowed athletes to train Longer/burglars made my aunt give then her jewels/ i feel like going to an Indian restaurant/i love playing tennis but i dislike watching it/ that man Seems ti be following us/ i dont want her to marry that boy/i dont like yo to Shout at me/the children usually play in the parks/she hasnt stopped smoking Yet/when i was a child, i didnt use to watching cartoons/when i was living in Palma i used to go swimming every day/i would recommended taking pros and cons Into consideration/if you keep trying in the end you will succeed/i want him to Came with me tonight/i didnt tell her ti leave i told her to stay/did you ask Your brother to came to the party? / I love going to holiday but i miss seeing My friends/ She has Just finished doing her homework/ children have stopped Actting up and they have fallen asleep/ i cant imagine getting good marks at The end of the term/ doing the exam shouldnt take you more than and hour and Half/ i couldnt help laughting when i Heard the joke/ One day you Will regreat Wasting your time/ i cant prevent her from talking to the press/ i dont forget To Phone you/ would you like to came with me? I woul love to/ would you mind Not smoking in class/ i regret spending so much money/ i clearment remember Closed the Windows/ i regret to inform you to your father has passed away/ im Not used to getting up so early/ apart from having difficulties with the Language he is slow/ he couldnt afford to buy a new car/ i wanted to my friend To come to the party/ Do you want me to writte the letter today?/ do you want Me to tell you what happened?/ my Sister didnt used to be afraid spiders until She saw a tarántula/ She is very good at solving problems/ what does he mean To do if he is elected/ i prefer studying to working/ i tried using the New Method, but i didnt work/ dont hesitate to contact me if you have any further Questions/ theyd better not be so careless/ in addition to working nights She Goes to university in the afternoon/ i wouldnt mind going on a cruisein the Caribbean/ he couldnt resist showing off his New car/ She risks losing her job For working so little.o aquí!

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