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Gerunds: Si comence per el verb, després de preposició: admit, advise, can’t help.. , continue, delay, detest, dislike, enjoy, finish, forget, give up, go on, hate, imagine, keep, like, love, mention, mind, miss, postpone, prefer, regret, report, suggest, try, understand. Infinitives: després d’adjectiu, en els noms [ duty,opportunity, permission, right time,use] i per expressar propòsit: afford, agree, advise, ask, beg, begin, choose, cause, convince, continue, dare, fail, forget, enable, expect, forbid, force, fail, hope, invite, need, order, permit, require, promise, refuse, try, want, wait, would + verb Gerund and Infinitive: start, stop,begin, continue, hate, like, love, prefer, start.

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