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Deducción: must have +pp, Imposible: can´t have +pp, Posible:might have +pp, Alternativa:could have +pp, Podria haber pasado:should have +pp                         No tendria haber pasado: shouldn´t have +pp.           They have thought the sportsmen are arriving today:      It has been thought the sportsmen are arriving today.     The sportsmen have been thought to be arriving today.    Gerundio:love,hate,enjoy,miss,feel like,mind,finish,risk, practise,put off,stop,suggest,cant´t help,fancy,admit,deny, give up,imagine,keep,spend time,delay,regret,avoid,involv To + Infinitivo:would like,need,decide,hope,arrange,expec plan,forget,seem,appear,wish,promise,offer,refuse,learn, manage,afford,agree,fail,tend,happen,mean,prepare,pretn Los dos:Stop,try,remember,forget,regret,go on.              First conditional: If + present simple, will + infinitive     Second conditional: If + past simple, would + past simpl Third conditional: If + past perfect, would have + p.Partic.

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