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Will+inf-> Para prediciones.

Be Going To+Inf-> Para planes

Present Continuous or Present Simple-> Para planes


Zero: If+S+v.Present,S+v.Present

First: If+S+present,S+will+inf

Second: If+S+v.Past,S+would+inf

Third: If+S+v.Past.Perfect+S+would+have+participe

Past Perfect Simple:

Afirmativo: S+had+past participle

Negativo: S+hadn´t+past participle

Interrogativo: Wh+had+S+past participle

Passive Voice:

 S+v. To be+ past participle+by+sust    

      will be         passed 

      has been     passed

      is being       passed

      would be     passed

Reported Speech

Time expressions


today->that day

tomorrow->the next

yesterday->the day before

next week->the following week

a week ago->the week before

Vocabulario: accept->aceptar,comfort->consolar,compromise->comprometerse,appreciate->valorar,stand up for->defender a,make fun of->burlarse de,trust->confiar en,ignore->ignorar,promise->prometer,boast->presumir,curfew->límite máximo,obey->obedecer,selfish->egoísta,feeling down->estar deprimida,miss->echar de menos,on the right track-> en el camino correcto,chat woom->sala de chat,social life->vida social,fit in-> encajar,slim->delgado,go on a date->salir con alguien,instead of->en vez de,vanish->desaparecer

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