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Will                                       Would
  “I’ll go to” John said.       John said he would go.
  “Will you help me move?       She asked me if I would help her move.
          Can                                             Could
 said, “Allen can work.”          said Allen could work .
  “Can you open?Asked.             He asked me if I could open.
Must                                                   Had to
  “You must wear ” mom said.  My mom said I had to wear.
 said, “You must work''          She said I had to work .
Shall                                                 Should
  “Shall we go to?”asked.         asked if we should go 
  “What shall we do ?” asked.  She asked me what we should do.
May                                              Might/Could
  said, “I may not be”           Jane said she might not be
  “May I use?” asked.              The boy asked if he could use
today - that day
tonight - that night
this week/month/year-that week/month/year
tomorrow-the next day
next week/month/year-the following week/month/year
yesterday-the day before or the previous day
last week/month/year-the week/month year before or the previous week/month/year
now-then/at that moment

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