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 Prst simple I enjoy reading comics.-> Past simple He said he enjoyed reading comics 
Presente continuo She´s washing the dishes.-> Pasado continuo He said she was washing the dishes. 
Pasado simple I worked for an art gallery. ->Pasado perfecto He said he had worked for an art gallery. 
Pasado continuo He was making dinner.-> Pasado perfecto continuo He said he had been making dinner.
 Presente perfecto We have watched all those films. ->Pasado perfecto He said they had watched all those films. 
Futuro I´ll post those letters.-> Condicional simple (would) He said he would post those letters. 
Can I can´t wait any longer.-> Could He said he couldn´t wait any longer. Must I must take that train. ->Had to He said he had to take that train. 
May She may lend me some money.-> Might He said she might lend him some money. 

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