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Direct Speech / Reported Speech

Can / could

may /might

must,have to / must,had to

Now / then

Today / that day

Tonight / that night 

Yesterday / the day before

Last week / the week before

A month ago / the month before

Tomorrow / the next day

Next week / the week after

Here / there

This / that

These / those

Present simple: cooperates -> cooperated

Present continuous: is cooperating -> was cooperating

Past simple: cooperated -> had cooperated

Past continuous: was cooperating -> had been cooperating

Present perfect simple: has cooperated -> had cooperated

Present perfect continuous: has been cooperating -> had Been cooperating

Past perfect simple: had cooperated -> had cooperated

Past perfect continuous: had been cooperating -> had been Cooperating

Future simple: will cooperate -> would cooperate

Repoted qüestions: Frank asked if...

Reported orders/requests: ask, warn..

Reported suggestions: suggest

Who/that: persones

Which/that: objectes

When/that: un moment del temps

Where: lloc en particular

Whose: possesions

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