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Future Perfect:Will+have+Past participle-Won't+have+Past participle-Will you have finished? Future Continous:Will+be+gerund-Won't+be+gerund+Will you be listening?Relative clauses:Who:Quien(para gente),When:Cuando(para tiempo) Where:donde(Para lugar) Wich:Cuales(Para cosas) That:Que(Para todo) Whose:Cuyo Who's:Quien es Reported Speech: Present simple-Past Simple. Present continous-Past Continous(was/were+Ving). Present perfect(have/has+Ved o 3ac)-Past Perfect(had+Ved o 3ac). Past Simple-Past Perfect. Past Continous-Past perfect continous(had+been+Ving).Cambios:Will-Would. Can-Could. Now-At the moment. Today-That day. Tonight-That night. Tomorrow-The following day. Yesterday-The past day. Last week-The previous week. Next Weeek-The following week. This-That. These-Those. Here-There. Us-Theme. Been-Went. Did-Verb into the past perfect. Do/Does-Verb into the Past. Was/Were-Has been. Is/Are-Was/Were. Have/Has-Had. Us-Them. Structure: Subject+Reporting Verbs+Object+[prep+Gerund} o [to+inf(si no tiene prep)} Yes/No: If/WhetherBody Idioms:Some old face:Misma cara vieja. Pain in the neck:Dolor molesto. Put on a brave face:Poner una cara valiente. Turn your back:Dar la espalda. Thin-skinned:De piel delgada. Stuff your face:Rellena tu cara. Spine-chilling:Escalofriante . Face up to:Hacer fente a

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