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La Gran Colombia: Before the birth of Venezuela as a republic must take into account that previously belonged to the republic of Gran Colombia. There was a president and vice president for Colombia. The territory was divided into the departments of Cundinamarca, Venezuela and Quito. The capital was Bogotá. The president was Simon Rodriguez and was Vice President Francisco de Paula Santander and José Antonio Páez was the military department of Venezuela. Cosiata: A department opposition that emerged in 1821, which begins Simón Bolívar and José Antonio Páez a specific purpose , separating Venezuela from Colombia. Attempts Bolivar settlement 1826-1827: "Notice threaten civil war in 1826. He offered to convene a national convention to decide on fate of Gran Colombia. -In 1827, Bolívar returned to Bogota, stop the civil war was avoided but the idea of separation was latent.The Convention of Ocana: In 1828 the Convention met in Ocaña promised. The separatist attempts occur all over the large area of Colombia. In Ocaña was among three groups of delegations, which were: "centralist who wanted a strong central government and continued to Bolivar. -Feudalitas they wanted to lower the central power and continued to Santander. "And the independents who were ready to go from one to the other side. The Congress of Venezuela: Valencia 1830: On January 13, 1830 Paez declared Venezuela's autonomy and to promulgate regulations for the election of the constituent meeting. Elect the deputies met in Valencia this May 6, 1830. Characteristics of the assembly: 1) In its policy statement as a representation showed anti-Bolivarian.2) heightened the opposition to any attempt to restore the unity of Gran Colombia, the congress legalize the separation of Gran Colombia. 3) There was the national constitution for the new Venezuelan state and the election of officers of the nation. Importance of the Congress of Valencia: Had great importance in the organization of the Republic because this assembly will be established all the legal and political-administrative rules which govern the new national community. In territorial politics are existing departments (Venezuela, Zulia, Orinoco and Maturin). There were eleven (11) provinces: Barinas, Apure, Barcelona, Carabobo, Caracas, Margarita, Coro, Cumana, Guayana, Merida and Maracaibo.


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