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this film is worth watching/we were about to leave when the phone rang/I'm looking forward to taking some great photos/they advised us to take a taxi/I started working here eight years ago/it's up to us to end environmental disasters/I expect her to come any minute now/music is used to encourage shoppers to buy more/she warned us not to get into trouble/his new order means working overtime/I avoided bumping into the car in front by bracking/John suggested going to see the new play tonight/ the party turned out to be a succes/the new durable and lightweight running shoes allowed athletes to train longer/the burglars made my aunt give them her jewels/I feel like going to an indian restaurant/I love playing tennis but I dislike watching it/that man seems to be following us/I don't want her to marry that boy/I don't like you to shout at me/Children usually play in parks/My parents would love me tu study abroad/she hasn't stopped smoking yet/when I was a child I didn't use to watch cartoons/when I lived in Palm iI used to go swimming every day/I would recommend tajking pros and cons into consideration/if you keep trying in the end you will succeed/I want him to come with me tonight/I dindn't tell her to go away, I told her to stay/did you ask your brother to come to the party?/I love going on holiday but I miss seeing my friends/she has just finished doing her homework/Children have stopped actting up and they have fallen asleep/I can't imagine getting good marks at the end of the term/doing the exam shouldn't take you more than an hour and a half/I couldn't help laughing when I heard the joke/one day you will regret wasting the time/I can't prevent her from speaking to the press/I won't forget to call you/Would you like to come with me?/Would you mind not smoking in class?/I regret spending so much money/I clearly remember having closed the windows/I regret to inform you that your father has passed away/I'm not used to getting up so early/apart from having difficulties with the language, he's slow/ he couldn't afford to buy a new car/I wanted my friend to come to the party/Do you want me to write the letter today?/Do you want me to tell you what happened?/my sister didn't use to be afraid of spiders until she saw a tarantula/she is very good at solving problems/what does he mean to do if he is elected?/I would rather study than work/I tried using the new method, but it didn't work/don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions/They'd better not be so careless/I wouldn't mind going on a cruise in the Caribbean/he couldn't resist showing off his new car/she risks losing her job for working so little

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