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Division of labour:the Divisions of tasks carried by workers who where responsible of a particular Phase of the process. This saved time and increased productivity.

 Fordist model:mass production That was developed on the moving assembly lines of Ford factory.

 Post-Fordist model:based on new Technologies, consumer preference, flexible automated system of production with The participation of emerging countries.

 Offshoring Or industrial relocation:the relocation of some of a company's business activities In a different country.

 Multinational:is a large company With subsidiaresin many countries. It is usually set up in one country before It moves into international countries.

BRICKS:brazil, russian Federation, india, china and south africa.


transformation of raw material into manufactured goods.

modern industries requieres:

machins and energ.


large quantities of goods are Produced.

industralisation promotes Economic growth.


Beguns in england in the late 18 century.

  technological Innovations: steam engine, weaving machines

  divison of labour.

  large-scale production: Pushed selling prices down and promoted trade

industralisation changed Societyand the economy. People move to cities. Cities grew. First phase of Industrial revolution spread from england to france germany and belgium.

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