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The elements in the Mendeleev table are ordered by their atomic mass in growing.
The horizontal rows are called periods and vertical columns are called groups.
is called the periodic table because the properties of elements depend on atomic mass and
regularly repeated

Moseley's Periodic Law, the properties of elements are periodic function of atomic number.
In the
electron current periodic table are ordered by atomic number.
The elements of a same group have the same outer electron configuration and chemical properties
The components of the same period have the same number of levels of electrons and that amount
coincides with the period number.
Inert gases have their last full level (with exceptions) and are chemically inactive.
The representative elements have their last incomplete level.
Elements with higher electron affinity are located on the right.
When hydrogen is not found no satisfactory location for the electronic structure belongs to group 1 but because gas would account for group 17. It prefers to locate at number 1.

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