The revolutions of February and October 1917

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The Russian Revolution began in February 1917 when protests involving peasants, workers and soldiers forced Nicholas II To abdicate. The Mensheviks formed a provisional Government. The Provisional Government declared Russia a republic. Lenin´s Bolsheviks established an alternative Government based on the soviets. In October 1917 there was another revolution. The Bolsheviks seized control of the government And Lenin became the new leader. With the Treaty Of Brest-Litovsk they escape the war. A Civil War broke out between the White Russians known as the Red Army. In 1922, Lenin created the Soviet Union. In the USSR, Karl Marx´s idea of the dictatorship Of the proletariat was put into practise. Political Party: the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). The state Controlled the means of production such as factories and energy sources.

Impressionism was a style of painting, and to some extent of Sculpture. Considered to be the beginning Of modern art. It Was an experimental style. Impressionist Painters were interested in depicting light And the ways in which it illuminated different objects. Impressionists Typically used pure, unmixed colours. Loose brush-strokes.Featured landscapes or scenes of everyday life. It was an Artistic response to industrial objects and industrial architecture. A Variety of building materials were used, such as reinforced concrete, stone and glass, and in ways that were both functional and decorative. Natural Forms with curved lines and motifs leaves and flowers.

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