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Day One: Don Mendo, which belongs to the noble ruins, having an affair with Magdalena, daughter of Don Nuño Manso. Her father wants to marry Don Pero, Duke of Toro and wealthy man, and she, a woman concerned also wants it. Don Mendo secretly visiting his girlfriend, a fact that has been occurring for some time, to explain that it has borrowed. Magdalena is the way to help and at the same time, get rid of Don Mendo, with delivery of a valuable necklace which will settle the debt, then go to war, and so she can marry the Duke . They are caught red handed by the father and the Duke and, to the fury of both the protagonist and author incriminate the jewel theft and freeing from suspicion to Magdalena, who accepts his sacrifice without hesitation.

Day Two: Don Mendo is incarcerated, as he will celebrate the marriage of Magdalena with the Duke. Before the wedding, visit occurs both because the husband wants to make sure of the innocence of his beloved. Don Mendo stands by his statement and as a reward is sent to wall by Magdalena, but before that happens, gets his friend, the Marquis de Moncada dressed as a monk, who saves him from such a tremendous punishment.

Day three: there is the tangle of reasoned action by the lightness of Magdalene, who, married to Don But the king's mistress and also in love with a mysterious troubadour. In the camp of the Duke of Toro, brings together a cast of characters with Don Mendo, who hides behind the personality of the troubadour, in a cave, a place that serves other as father, husband or Azofaifa (blackberry love with Don Mendo) after listening to the conversations secret love, looking for revenge.

Fourth day: it develops in the cave, large and spacious, since it hide and seek each other. There is a dramatic epiphany, in which Don Mendo Magdalene reveals his true identity. The Duke is killed in knowing that his wife is cheating on him with the king, the king has Madeleine's father because he wants to kill her daughter. Azofaifa stabs his opponent and the hero does the same with the blackberry, and subsequently committed suicide last.

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