Rhetorical devices

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Alliteration: repetition of the same sound Anaphora: repetition of one or more words to the beginning of two syntactic units or more T ipsis: Omission of certain words in the phrase Epithet: adjective that refers to a quality intrinsic to the noun it accompanies hyperbaton : changes the logical order of a sentence Parallelism: Repetition of the same syntactic structure asyndeton: elimination of conjunctions (,) which usually appear polysyndeton: repetition of conjunctions (and) similar or comparison establishes a similarity between a real and an imaginary component Metaphor Identification of two elements, initially different, so they replace a real element (express or implied) by another imaginary analogy relates (not similarity) with the real. Hyperbole is a rhetorical exaggeration that distorts reality interpreted literally. embodiment consists in attributing to a person who is not a person can develop qualities of people. Irony Replacing self-expression by the opposite, but in a way that the receiver can recognize from the context of the speaker's true intention

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