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Walt Whitman

Emily Dickinson

No rhyme

Uses slant rhyme (Rhyme Within a single syllable words with the same ending consonant sound and the vowel Can vary.)

Format: What expect? Understand stanza (no pattern)

Format: standard Stanza (same amount of lines)

Not predictable Rhyme scheme

Traditional kind if Rhyme scheme and vary

Syllabic count was Different No pattern

Can found a syllabic Count pattern

No rhytm pattern

Traditional pattern

No alliteration (repetition), Emphasis in topics (parallelism), catalogue ink topics

Uses metaphors in Which uses everyday article

Normal punctuation (regular)

She created her own Type of punctuation (irregular)

Use catalogue, Repetition, and parallelism

Capitalization – Irregular. Capitalize nouns or pronouns to emphasis and give a message

Topics: Romanticism Glory of America, Realism what he see in society, economic problems, war. Sexuality

Topics: death deep Thought, love, talks about god and heaven (don’t believe in church)

He write for the Society, more open to people

She had more intimate Of approach the audience personal way of writing

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