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How to start a Business

1-> Write a business plan: goals & objectives has to be possible to do

2-> Obtain start-up capital: own savings/ loans you need a business plan (complete) to request loan

3-> Obtain business registration: licensing requirements legal status of business…..

good for government----TAXES

4-> Open a business bank account:pay for costs and receive payments > it is safer bank gives you interest

5-> Marketing:make people know you and your product

Start-up Cost: Stuff you have to pay for before opening your business

Promises:What I have to pay for the land where my business is going to sit on

Capital Equipment: What I have to buy in order to work

Legal y professional Fees:What I pay for legal processes to happen

Marketing cost:What I have to pay to promote my business

Human resources: What I have to pay for my employees to be ready to work.

Entrepreneur:person who starts a business (planning, organizing, and managing) taking a big financial risk.

Intrapreneur:being an entrepreneur as employee in a large organization, being the organization who takes the financial.

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