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  1. Given that the road is heavily trafficked, indicate How exposure to CO2 can cause further problems in terms of Degradation and reduced levels of service life.

    Answer 1 b) iii):

  • Potential for carbonation due to the presence of CO2 Generated from nearby road traffic.

  • Carbonation again leading to reduction in alkalinity And associated pH.

  • De-passivation gives rise to more general Corrosion of the steel reinforcement.

  • General corrosion of the steel reinforcement weakens To structure in terms of resistance to tensile stresses.

  • Corrosion products again cause expansion and sets up Tensile stresses in the cover.

  • Spalling results and exposes the underlying steel Reinforcement to further potential damage.

  • Freeze – thaw issues and further de-lamination.

  • Damage is probably a combination of carbonation and Chloride attack from the use of road salts on the exposed section on the road Side.

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