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wavy bands of crystalline rocks: sn rcibnl nombre d etrogénas and plutonic.
* Granite co ernt s, d gray AVCS aunk s pink. tien:
- quartz: Crystals d gray color, almost transparnts and Briye vitro.
- fldspato: Crystals + vcs abundants white to pink.
- mica: ngros Crystals (biotite)
* Syenite:
pink tin: fldspatos spcialmnt: orthoclase and mica
* gabbro:
dark. what form plagiocalsa and biotite.
d rocks vocans:
gass to expel extrior ls.
- basalt: ngro and Briye mat color. crsitals grands d olivine.
- ez pumice stone or pom:
enl colored water fleet txtura vacuole
- Obsidian ngro briyant color. d glass paste.
rocks formed x fragmnto: rocks sdimntarias
- conglomra2: Mayors d 2mm grains. grains (rock fragments d) clasts. the matrix 1 and ls clast. form the brxa
- Sandstone: fragments less than 2mm. Harsh touch, like sandpaper
- clays or argalitas:
limestone: composed of calcium carbonate (CaCo2)
rocks formed by sheets: disposition sheets: fociliacion, tambn are metamorphic
- board: flat lamination. variable color, gray prevails.
- schist: wavy lamination, the eye glasses are mica provides a brightness q
- gneiss: wavy bands. altered quartz-mica and feldspar.
rocks of construction: are consistent, ie do not decompose easily.
are resistant
Lateran not easily
ornamental rocks:
you can cut and consegue pulitr for greater brightness and beauty.
other building materials:
- brick and tile: clay oven with over 800 oC.
- cement: lime crushed and mixed with clay. furnace at 1500 °C then mixed with gypsum.
glass: sand and stones with quartz. sand mixed with limestone and melted.
fossil fuels:

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