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International marketing is defined as the performance of business Activities designed to plan, price, promote, and direct the flow of a Company ’s goods and services to consumers or users in more than One nation for a profit. ‘international’ The difference is the “environment”: Competition, legal restraints, Government controls, weather, fickle consumers, economic conditions, Technological constraints, infrastructure concerns, culture, and political Situations. 

4Ps: Placement:Distribution process includes: • Passage of ownership • Buying and selling negotiations between: • Producers and middlemen • Middlemen and consumers • Length of the channels of distribution: • Level 0: direct • Level 1: one intermediary (middlemen) • Level 2: two or more
MIddlemen: Definition: “A person who buys goods from producers and sell Them to retailers or consumers” • Types: • Domestic middlemen • Foreign middlemen. Alternative Middlemen Choices: 1. Agent middlemen • Manufacturer’s export agent • Act on behalf of the manufacturer • Payment = fee on sales (commission) 2. Merchant middlemen • Own the merchandise • Act on its own behalf. He assumes the entire risk. • Payment = sales. Factors affecting the choice of the international Channel: • Objectives: Volume, profits, market share, control, etc. • Character of the company and market: Nature of the goods; Own sales force vs. Distributors. • Coverage: Distribution intensity; Main cities… • Continuity: Own distributor channel; Long-term relationship…
Price: • Cost-based price strategy • We set up price by calculating de product cost, promotion Cost, and overhead cost, then adding the desired profit to Those calculations. • We set up the price after analyzing consumer desires and Determines the range of prices acceptable to the target Market. Willingness to pay. • Competition-based price strategy • We set up the price in accordance with our competitors Promotion: 1.Sales promotions – Marketing activities that stimulate consumer purchases and improve Retailer or middlemen effectiveness and cooperation – Short-term efforts directed to the consumer or retailer to achieve Specific objectives • In markets with media limitations the percentage of the Promotional budget allocated to sales promotions may have To be increased • Product sampling. 2.Public relations (PR) is creating good relationships with the Popular press and other media – To help companies communicate messages to customers, the general public, and governmental regulators • Bridgestone/Firestone Tires safety recall • Global workplace standards • Corporate sponsorships. 3.Decisions involving advertising are those most often affected by Cultural differences among country markets. Seven steps are Involved: 1. Perform marketing research 2. Specify the goals of the communication 3. International Advertising: Develop the most effective message(s) for the market segments Selected 4. Select effective media 5. Compose and secure a budget 6. Execute the campaign 7. Evaluate the campaign relative to the goals specified

Three broad global HR challenges that Have emerged in international business: 1. Deployment. Getting the right skills To where they are needed in the organization regardless of geographical Location. 2. Knowledge and innovation dissemination. Spreading state-of-the art Knowledge and practices throughout the organization regardless of where they Originate. 3. Identifying and developing talent on a global basis. Identifying Who has the ability to function effectively in a global organization and Developing these abilities.

EXPATRIATES:Practical aspects to consider 1. Candidate identification, assessment, and selection: cultural sensitivity, Interpersonal skills, and flexibility. 2. Cost projections: used to be 3-5 Times pre-departure salary 3. Assignment letters: The assignee’s specific job Requirements and associated pay will have to be documented and formally Communicated in an assignment letter. 4. Compensation, benefits, and tax Programs: given the vast differences in living expenses around the world. 5. Relocation Assistance: maintenance of the person’s home and automobiles, shipment and Storage of household goods, and so forth. 6. Family support: Cultural Orientation, educational assistance, and emergency provisions are just some of The matters to be addressed before the family is sent abroad.

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