The Roman pater family responsibilities

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*they spread from their eastern european into modern Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France
*Their culture is called "the hallstat" and iron
*They had good reputation as mercenaries
*They spread into Modern France and the British Isles, Southwest into Iberia, Southward into Northern Italy
*They were driven out of Eastern Europe by Slavic tribes (by superior ROMAN forces)
*celtic culture is the living heritage of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and Brittany
*They didn't have a caste society 
*Rulers were men trough whom the gods spoke
*3 groups o men who were held in exceptional honor:
-the bards: were musician, singers and poets
-the vates: were soothsayers and natural diviners
*they were Polytheistic 
*they built towns in lowland areas
*the Aqueducts were made of brick and stone
*town boundaries were not laid out in rigid rectangles
*most town were walled
*the centre of Roman town was a FORUM which was an open square or rectangle with colonnades 
*Romans introduced in Britain the Sewage system
*Theatre: activities from classical plays and religious fest.
*Amphitheater:gladiatorial combats (men and animal)
*Roman roads:Highways which join all the towns
*Trade: was encouraged by romans: imported wine, jewelry and pottery and exported: cattle, grain, lead, iron.
*they left their homelands in Northern Germany
*they divided the country into Kingdoms each with its own royal family: Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Kent, Anglia.
*They buried the dead with their belongings 
*A freeman owned lands(richer freeman were "Thanes")
*they didn't have prisons, they were punished with fines
*Monasteries: centre of learning of the bible
*Beowulf: A story of a heroic prince who killed monsters
*The lyre: most popular instrument/they wrote with runes
*Vikings massacred people and occupied Eastern Engl.  

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