The romantic movement in literature began with the storming of the bastille

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TEMA 6.Romanticism:From The french revolution to the communist manifesto.This period ends in The midle of 19 century w/ the communist manifesto. Theres both an International and literal conflict in england. However,the religious Conflicts is no longer decisive in political life.Theres also Ecconomic transformations wich are the basis of conflicts.Conflicts Bte classes; burgeoise and the level clasees, also btw the gentry and Industrial bourgeoise->theres tension bc economics Interests.General Context: Declaration of the rights of men,in Francia: terror in france,france Becomes the 1 military power in Europe and invades other Countries,Napoleon, economic crisis.In England: Nelson and Wellington, Bethan defends reforms bc there was fear of the Revolution may extend and Napoleonic war present in Literature.Reactions To the french revolution in england:-CONSERVATIVE:¨reflections Of the revolution in france¨based in the principes of liberte, Egalite et fraternite->he thought that this universal principles Were too abstract.RADICAL:-spence and May Wallstonecraft.The Realist novel vs. The gotic novel:The Form of the novel was focused in the life of an individual.The Gothic Novel was antirevoution, it didnt make  reference to the Industrisl revolution,it death with dramatic changes.They were 2 Diff. Responses to the period: -The Realist:it was comunicative and It excludes deep and traumatic changes.-The gothic novel:oposed to The realist;they cuestioned the question of the guide, theres no Guide for the protagonist, and he/she wander 2 kinds of fear: to Spectacular things and to methapisical things.Realist novel=concerns W/verosimilitude.The Material conditions of the production of literature:-The Writer and his public.-Serialization in newspapers and instalments-> Related with the form of the novel. The serialization allows the Writers to write and publish at the same time ,watching the reaction That it causes.-The circullating libraries-> at that time books Were quite expensive soy they lend books to readers for a smaller Price.-Consorship.-Ways of reading->group,familiar or individual Reading.POETICS: Romantic poetry:-Complexity Of the movement.-Reactions against the elighteriment: emotion vs Reason and nationalism vs universalism.-Reaction against Mechanization.-Influences: ¨Emile ou de léducation¨.-Change of Sensibility and new poetic language: new things bc important for the Poet. New poetic language , new themes, new mytology(Christian).-The Centrality of the subjectivity vs. Individualism,-Internalization of Thr Quest Myth->diff. Btw an empirical search, travel or journey W/ a series of adventures and a spiritual journey of the Christian  soul but it ends with the discovery of the infinitude of the Romantic subject.-The romantic imagination: symbol and vision must be Studied together in order to see the tensions and the contraditions Involved in the poem.The romantic subject is the subject of the Sublime.-The romantic Symbol. Symbol vs. Allegory: most problematic Element of romanticism.SYMBOL: expresive,motivated,w/ an inmament Meaning.ALLEGORY :unmotivated,arbitrary, artificial, doesnt expres an Inminet meaning.While the symbol expresses an immanent and motivated Meaning, a natural connection btw the symbol and the meaning it Refers to the allegory is arbitrary thers no natural conection or Basis btw the 2 meanings.-The egoistical sublime: ¨The solitary Reaper¨The author is not really concerned or worried about living in The fields.-The motion of the work of art and the idea of nature: Expressive vs. Imitative art.-Main topics:Childhood and education; Specially in Aesthetic education-> schiller: the world of Imagination as a field of posibilities and schelling, nature as the Source of power and art as its voice.-The individual and the social Order: relation btw man-nature, imagination and sympathy, creativity, Society and freedom.Organic Form of the poem: Its considered as an organism that breaths the same life as nature Does.The poem is a living whole inhabited by the same spirit that Inhabits nature.LITERARY GENRES:1)POETICS: The most important is preface and shelley.2)literary Chriticism.3)poetics; Blake, Wordsworth,coleridge,bryan,shelley,keats.3)Novel:-The ghotic Novel(frankestein).-Historical movement:walter scott.-Bildungs Roman.-Parodies(Jane Austen)The Early victorian novel: -The Thirties: novels of fashion and crime novels.-The Forties: we must Highlight the Brontes sisters.ç

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