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The short piece composed lieder for voice and piano composers are (Fran and robert schubert shchuman) / Schubert wrote over 600 lieder cycles are grouped into thematic (milling and travel the beautiful winter) / one of his best known is the deal Death and the Maiden (dialogue between a young girl and death that comes to fetch) / death in young people is one of the most recurring themes in the romance / romantica ... intrumental music, new instruments appear in the nineteenth and which were improved exisitian / piano-piano is an abbreviation for pianoforte, allowed to play loud and soft intensidaqdes, its percussive strings are 2 types d epianos: vertical tail and / solo-piano works with individuals allowed to express the feelings of interpreter / chamber music quintets, trios cuertetos / genres large / .. music in nineteenth-sonfonica broaden brass section and added new and percusiony (tubas and trombones) and percussion as dishes boxes. etc / scheme symphony orchestra-The most important are: symphonies (4 movements) and composers such as Beethoven / symphonic poem "based on some extra-musical element with some poemay is a movement

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