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HEALTH: -VERBS: to cough, to sneeze, blow your nose, run a fever, catch on illness, to vomit, to recover from, to feel nauseated, to be sick, to get sick, to ache, to sprain, bleeding, to diagnose, to breathe, to itch, to vaccinate. -NOUNS: cough, sneeze, vomit, fever, cure, nausea, ache, a sprain, recovery, bleed, breath. Itches, raccination. -DOCTOR SURGERY: recipe, treatments have a checkup, diagnostic, symptons. -PEOPLE: patient, doctor, nurse, sickperson, surgeon, midwife. -PLACES: hospital, operating room, health center, emergence room, clinic, surgery, waiting room. -MEDICINES: alcohol, ibuprofen, antibiotic, antiseptic, calcium, cold tablets, cotton wooll, desifenctant, syrup, painkiller, insuline, cream, bandage, chemist. -ILLNESSES: astma, chickenpox, smallpox, ulcer, flu, heart disease, fever. .HOW TO SAY YOU´RE ILL: last day, i was vomiting, i have nauseas.

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