Rules of accentuation

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Sharp words: They tick in the last syllable is pronounced in n, so vocal.
Serious or plain words: It is worse in the penultimate syllable and increased when NO end in n, so vocal For example: games, word serious but are not emphasized because it ends in s.
Palbras Esdrújulas: worsened in the penultimate syllable.
TRANSIT = Noun = esdrújula
TRAFFIC = finite verb in 1st person = severe Llana
TRANSIT = Word in 3rd person past = Acute
Sobresdrújulas words: All are accentuated and generally are made, and are the penultimate backward.
For example: logically
what is sobresdrujula.
The Consonants
The sounds that make up a language are called phonemes, the phonemes are represented graphically call letter.
Alphabet Castilian
A, B, C, CH, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, LL, M, N, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W , X, Y, Z.
They are 30 letters of the alphabet but do not have 30 phonemes, are 22
Words that do not have sound: H, K, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z, are repeated phonemes.
What is the difference between vowels and consonants? The vocaes have a unique pronunciation, but the consonants to pronounce its sound must support in order to sound a vowel.
A syllable is a phoneme or set of phonemes that are pronounced in a single vocal.
A vowel can support up to 2 consonants, can be before or after as:
OBS / IT / NO / DO.
There consonants other allowing the passage as:
The consonants that can pass other consonants are called liquid consonants, and that can be passed are called thinners.
Hyphenation with consonants.
If a consonant between vowels is a syllable with the 2nd vowel
Example: A / JU / GE / RO.
2 consonants between vowels, 1st syllable with the previous form and if they are 2 form with the subsequent (separate)
Example: AR / TIS / TA
If the 1st and the 2nd is thinners is settled then clump together and form a syllable with the vowel.
Example: A / TRA / GAN / TAR. T IS YR thinners is liquid.
Consonants between vowels.
If we have 3 consonants between vowels are the first 2 and the 3rd syllable syllable form local post.
OBS / TA / UC / LO
If the 2nd and the 3rd is thinners is liquidated are grouped with the vowel.
IN / TRA / EV / NO / SA T IS YR thinners is liquid.
To have 4 consonants, forse the 3rd and 4th thinners and should be liquidated.
Diphthong and Adiptoingo.
Diphthong = are 2 vowels together in one syllable.
Adiptongo = 2 vowels together but in different syllables.
HA / IB / A
2 strong vowels are never together form a gap and a strong and weak so they are together = dt + fa.

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