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0 conditional: if/when+present simple+present simple for general truths or consequences of an action or situation
"if her trainer sees her eating junk food, he gets angry"
1 conditional: if/unless+present simple+will/may/can/should for possible actions in the future and advice
"if she wins an olympic medal, she may become a profesional boxer"
2 conditional: if+past simple+would/could/might for imaginary,unlikely or impossible situations in the present
"if Claressa were a man of fifty-two and missing some front teeth,she'd be her dad"
3 conditional: if+past perfect+would/could/might+past participle for possible events in the past that didn't happen; for regrets and critisisms
"if she hadn't wanted to be like her father, she might never have started boxing.

Phrasal verbs
come out with             look forward to             put up with
come round from       look out for                     run out of
come up with              make do with                 stand in for
do away with              make up for                    stand up for
go along with              pick up                             set off
switched off        switched the lights off     switched them on
catch up                    hang out                       run someone
check something        mess about                down
out                          put on                                   show up

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