Russian Revolution

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Russia. Monarkia absoluta.zar nico II and army chief maxim. reprsntante isgl.ortodxa. DVID poor agricultural population and kulaks campsinos acmodados q n cn d muzhiks crearn land and rural burgsia muzhiks emigrarn to ls q + desarrolo favoring cities Indstrial vivian n xro tb lo ke cndiciones bad prvoco riots. sgnda opposition half century s iniciarn n clandstinidad.apoyads x intelligentsia (ill educated minority.) q rexazaba politics i "mission" to liberate alpueblo. Populists (narodnik) intrses dl dfndian people educate prcnizaban ncsidad accions campsins horn Alex II terrorstas anarkika.asesinaron what provoked his k excision. Russian Social Democratic Labor PartyPlekhanov. two tndncias. menchevikes. Martov. + Pljanvo support. + X bourgeoisie prvi mderados.dfndia rev.encabzada rev. Socialist. bolxevikes. Lenin. burgsia Dbilas lidrar could not change Russia. masses, if prletarios and peasants. social revolutionary party. Kerensky. Russia dfndia give parliament. party const. democratic. KDTs British parlamntarismo model mdiante capitalism and pacifcs reforms.

Rev.1905. mla prvka war situacn
ecnmica social and mpobrcio more. fuerzs antizar the pdiern is uniern and reforms.
dtnant: Sunday sangria.
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