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well, my last holidays were amazing, my family and i travelled to the beach and we had a lot of fun there, it was a pretty and cool place. I met new people and friends, I swam with my father and mom. We ate a lot of fish and seafood, the seafood is actually delicious but something that I didn´t like was coconut milk, it wasn´t tasty, my father said that it was amazing and delicious but I didn´t like it. In conclusion I can say that I had a wonderful time with my family, I enjoyed the time and the moments that I spent in that awesome beach, I hope that one day we will be back there.
Apart from that, when I arrived home, I went out some days at the week with my friends and my family. In addition to it, I visited some places in my city and the mall, actually i got a lot of fun in this vacations, i deed i love it!

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