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- Principles of the educational system: Quality and Equity: Attention to diversity, inclusive education, education as a public service.
- Objectives of the education system: Improving education and school performance, the success of everyone in compulsory education, increase enrollment in compulsory education (kindergarten, school and training cycles), increase in baccalaureate degrees and professional training , education for democratic citizenship, promote learning throughout life, strengthen the equity of education systems converge with EU countries. The LOE is the law of quality and equity for all.
- Equity dimensions: equality of resources (compensates for the unequal capabilities, compensatory policies) Equal opportunities (compensates for the inequality of circumstances by ethnicity, gender etc. .., positive discrimination) Equality of results (true equality, not enough to remove the obstacles)
- Quality: Concept ubiquitous and ambiguous, always relative (or comparison with something) continuum, which value judgments can be based on multiple criteria, the OECD defines quality education as one that ensures all young people acquire the knowledge skills and attitudes needed capabilities to bring them to adulthood. Currently there are various regional and international programs of quality assessment based on student performance (PISA diagnostic evaluation in Andalusia, quality plan of the board and other models such as EFQM)

· High School: The school is part of upper secondary education and therefore is voluntary.
-Details of arts (visual, image and design / arts, music and dance), Methods of Science and Technology, Methods of Humanities and Social Sciences.
-Purpose: To provide students with training, human and intellectual maturity, knowledge and skills to develop social functions and join the workforce with responsibility and competence. Offer students specialized training commensurate with their training perspectives and interests that give them access to higher education, educational activities foster students' ability to learn for himself.
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