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5: sixties and early seventies: It's development, the overcoming of isolation brought about a renewal. in 1962 he opened fire with renewal times of silence and during the decade los60 and 70 were refurbished with new techniques and approaches. Delibes with "five hours with mario. of the transition to today: the death of Franco and the advent of experimental fever transition is in crisis, the novel turns into the service of history and retrieves the argument role. the truth about the case Savolta. the novel presents a variety of technical areas and styles, conviven4 genreaciones. of the 40 with that of cela and delibes los50 with carmen martin and john benet the group in the late 60s with Eduardo Mendoza, Manuel Vazquez and Javier Marias. the narrators of the eighties and nineties antonoi muñoz and Arturo Perez Reverte. historical novel in the "heretic" by Miguel Delibes. also is grown thriller. Perez Reverte with lisbon winter storm a.muñoz molina. There is also the metanovel and lyrical novel but the novel incardinated in rural and social issues can include the Holy Innocents of md.the open nature: the Holy Innocents tilogia complete the rural world, the love and emotional vehemence k delibes the CAPM defends life free of pollution and environmental aggressions. wildlife is a species threatened, x arcade progress. in the natural world the action takes place. k stated the landscape of the novel coincides with the CAPM Extremadura place where the detailed flora and fauna described extensively. rural men living in perfect harmony with the earth. asimlia nature to humble characters in the novel. Azarias is na vida absolutely equated with animals. the little girl takes a less sensitive k of farm animals. female characters of the family of Azariah not identify both the nature as they develop their work in confined spaces.

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