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St. John of the Cross: the poetry of St. John is a landmark of the Western lyric in its intensity loving and literary excellence. The need to express the union with ried through a language that was insufficient to incorporate motifs san juan several poetic traditions: the traditional lyric, the classical, the Italianate and the bible, especially the Song of Songs. more poems: the ineffable nature of mystical experience means that in the major works of St. John of the Cross, the poet has recourse to a symbolic language based on love humano.E the first two shows the same pattern of argument: poplar and mistica.Los union is performed 3 poems are written in liras. Living Flame of Love: This very brief composition St John is the pure celebration of the mystical union. DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: the poetic voice, a woman in love, communicates the departure in search of love, the joyful meeting and loving union with God. SPIRITUAL SONG: with some dramatic structure, presents women also love in search of the beloved, in a locus peisaje amoenus.La caraccterizado nature, beautiful, alive, appears identified with the Bridegroom, is a reflection of the belleza.Aparece Husband and spiritual marriage is consummated. prose: the prose of St. John of the Cross is composed of 4 treated mystics, poems that gloss over: ascent of Mount Caramel and comment on a dark night dark night of the soul incomplete and Spiritual Canticle and Living Flame of Love poems concern the same name.

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