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1. According to the Interview, Chris Jules ...

-Feels he’s much better this year than the previous One.

-Leaving his children.

-When he became a professional tennis player.

-he is alone and no one is observing what he does.

-Jules’s wife did not travel with him the last time he Went to Barcelona.

-thanks to racket technology.

-He likes to Use the social media to express his own ideas.

-To meet up With friends and going to the beach.

1.Professor Thompson thinks that telepathy...

-has not Been demonstrated.

-is a Traditional scientist.

-physics Can explain the world.

-does Not explain telepathy.

-Is a Well known book about telepathy.

-the power of the mind.

-the Bending of spoons is just a trick.

-a telepathy experiment is not easy to carry out.

1.Which Of the following statementsis FALSE About Julie’s organization?

-It is A large organization.

-To respond to various sounds.

-Not much after they have been born.

-it is a disability often unnoticed By others.

- It helps people notice that the dog owner is Deaf.

-About 1800.

-How Much it changes deaf people’s lives.

-consider Who the owner will be.

1. What memories do Both the interviewer and Dr. Saunders have about school when

they were young?

-Both of them Feel some of the things they did were good but not all.

- some clever students thought they were not good.

-It was Through her interest in the school theatre.

-She wanted a change in her career.

-She started Moving to the sound of music.

-The number of kids who leave school between 9th and 12

th grade.

-Students should be given more standardized tests

-Good teachers who motivate the students’ talents.

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