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each otherrefers to two people and one anotherrefers to more than two people
(UNIT 6)
re-think again, pro-GM in favour of, biotechnology connected with biology
underestimate not enough/below, multi-coloured many, international between/connected, microorganisms very small
antitechnology, rewrite, microwave, multilalented, overcooked, bioterrorism, misunderstood
(UNIT 7)
A person who works or offers to work without wanting money VOLUNTEER
Gave something to help a person or organization DONATED
Help people to find out more about something RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT
An urgent request for money or help APPEAL
Person or organization that provides money for an activity SPONSOR
An organization which gives help to people who need it FUNRAISING ACTIVITY   Participating TAKING PART
inner-city school, volunteer project, public sympathy, community service, terrorist attack, social media, high school senior.
That´s the town that Penelope Cruz lives. (in)
Hollywood is the aprk that a lot of actors go. (to)
This is the park that I like to walk. (in/trough)
I can´t remember the house that I grew up. (in)
The river that we swin (in) is sometimes dirty.
The hotel that we stayed (in) was amazing.
(UNIT 5)
can puedo, could podria ser, should deberias, must debes, musn´t no debes, have to tengo que, may posiblemente, might igual
(UNIT 7)
FIRST CONDITIONAL if+present simple  will+infinitive
SECOND if+past simple  would+infinitive
THIRD if+past perfect (had+ -ed or 3rd colunm)  would have+participle

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