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to apply for a job = solicitar un trabajo (enviar el CV)

to have a job interview = tener una entrevista de trabajo

to get a job = conseguir un trabajo

to find a job = encontrar un trabajo

to look for a job = buscar un trabajo

to get paid = cobrar (recibir el salario)

to get a raise = recibir / obtener un aumento

to lose your job = perder tu trabajo

to quit your job = dejar el trabajo (voluntariamente)

to be unemployed = estar en paro

to be on the dole = estar cobrando la prestación por desempleo

to be fired / to be sacked = ser despedido porque has hecho algo mal

to be made redundant / to be laid off = ser despedido por razones económicas

My waste is... = mi paga es...

I think it is difficult to find a job that you like after finishing school. Finding ¡Job may be easy but they have very bad conditions....

Most western countries have a minium wage. A salary the government thinks is enough to live on. 
I think people want a minium wage. It is a good idea because people should be able to survive and not have to worry about money. Moreover, if people are happy they work harder and this is good for the bosses. Although the minuium shouldn't be so low that the people don't arrive at the end of the month. 
To sum up everybody should be able to live and enjoy a happy life 

Is a minumum wage a good idea? Of course it is. These days the economic system of this country doesn't work so well and it is necessary to improve it. 

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