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1) 1- The first washing machine was invented
    2- The clothes had always been washed by hand
    3- All the work is done by machines
    4- the technology is being improved contantly by manufactures

2) 1- will have (mh) cut
    2- are 8you) get (it) fixed
    3- have (tw) cleaned
    4- were having (tb) decorated

3) 1- multiethnic
    2- multistorey
    3- rewrite
    4- antitechnology

4) 1- death penalty
    2- birthday card
    3- homeless people
    4- terrorist attack

5) 1- help
    2- hadn´t given
    3- won´t go
    4- will (you) sponsor

6) 1-as long as we act now, it won´t be too late
    2- I would help the disabled children after the school, if I hadn´t got to much homework to do
    3- they´ll take the train provided the tickets aren´t too expensive
    4- they join the volunteer project unless them someone asks

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