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¡Escribe tu texto aquí!Dear Sir/ Madam

I Am writting to aply for a one of the positions in the Hospital.

I’m 25 years old and I come from Spain. Ihave been learning English and French for Ten years at school. At the momento I’m a student at English international, Studing for the FCE. I have studied medicine at the Uem in Madrid.

I Have been interested in medicine since childhood. This curiosity began, when at The age of five I saw a video of child birth. I was mesmerized by this miracle Of life and by the thought of being involved in something as wonderful Throughout my life. I have always beeen interested in working with People and help them. It could be a pleasure if I worked with you.

I Wish to follow a career path that will stimulate my mind, one that will make me Feel productive and in which I am motivated to succeed, because success in a Medical career means succeeding in helping others.

 Yours faithfully,

Carmen Soler.

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