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Exchange programme in Europe

McKay Rd Street

Wimbledon SW19

Dear Madam,

I Am writing to nominate my friend Ángel García for the application For a exchange programme in Europe.

Although Ángel has a note of 9.5 in English, and 8.75 in Français. However, He is the best student of Spanish. And he go to the Official school Of languages six time a week. Furthermore, her mother was English's Teacher in Liverpool. In addition, Ángel has raised over ₤3,000 For Cancer Research by doing sponsored swim. Most importantly, his Father collaborates with academies of English. Ángel is a fantastic Friends, always helps me with English's homework and I always I have A good note in exams. It is the person who knows more English I know.

For All these reasons I think you should make Ángel a the Application for a exchange programme in Europe.

Yours Faithfully,

Eloi Vidal

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