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Reported speech

a)She said that she was working in a hospital with her sister.
b)Robert said that they had made a great dinner last night.
c)He asked to us if we had ever been to New York before.
d)The police ordered me to drive slowly there.
e)Sam orderes us not to open the window that moment.
f)He said to me that he was going to London the next day.
g)The teacher said to Tom and Sally that they would have an exam the next year in their school.
h)Paul asked if Max had flewn to London the two weeks ago.
i)Jennifer asked where I was playing football that day.
j) Helen told me that she had been writing a letter to her best friend the day before.

1-wouldn't have done           9-wouldn't came
2-would have fallen              10- would have been able
3-I hadn't called                   11- had come
4-won't be                           12- wouldn't have made
5- would have brought         13- was
6- don't change                   14- will be
7-comes                              15- will call

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