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Dear Mr Marshall / Madam / Sir 

I am writing with reference to your advertisement in October´s edition of the Tattoo Magazine , I am interested in applying for the position of receptionist.

My name is Daniel , I am 35 years old and I am a Tattoo Artist. I studied arts in Esdip arts school in Madrid for two years in 2012, and I have been working for DJ Tattoo Studio since 2010, during this time I have enjoyed creating my own tattoo designs and improving my skill.

I have been learning English in the official language school of Torrejon de ardoz for the last four years.

I consider myself to be punctual, polite, professional, hard working and very creative, I enjoy a lot working with people and I know some techniques like realistic style, Japanese tattoo, Tribal tattoo, old school tattoo, new school tattoo, line, shadows and colors.

I enclose a reference from my present employer.

I would be grateful of you would consider my application.

I am avaiable for interview any weekday morning.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully.

Danielo est.

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