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1. How many Frisian speakers are there?

-Just over 400.000.

-Frisian Was given official status in Holland.

-it is taught in schools.

-people Hardly every use Frisian.

-There Is no Frisian TV, but there is Frisian radio.

-the Fact that most Frisian speakers are bilingual.

-The Language must be taught to the new generations.

-only Part of a saying about the resemblance between Frisian and English.

1. Why was the Vasa built?

-To Impress both the people of Sweden and their enemies.

-Two Golden guns

-The Vasa started her fist voyage

-Two Weeks later in Poland

-The Captain of the ship.

-The Ship was badly proportioned

-The Baltic Sea does not have a mollusc that destroys the wood of ships

-More Than one million people every year.

1. Charlie wrote his first article in...

-the High school paper

-Because He thought it would be cool

-it’s The biggest in the world

-excited To write about something important

-the Workers were so numb and that there were so many Mexicans.

-both Positive and negative

-is not Important to Charlie, but it is to other people

-affects His work as a journalist because it is part of who he is

1. Where is Svalbard situated?

-Between Norway and the North Pole.

-The Name means “cold coast” in Norse.

-Probably Norse sailors.

-Svalbard Became Norwegian.

-By Boat.

-12º C Below zero.

-Because Of the Polar night there is no sun for 2 months and a half.

-Bears Are known to hunt humans on occasions.

1. What is the situation with elephants and Gorillas?

-Most People know that they are threatened with extinction.

-just as Bad as it is for mammals.

-contained An estimate of over 3.5 billion birds.

-It died In the zoo in 1914

-The Effects of habitat loss.

-before They are known to scientists.

-more Difficult to study than land mammals.

-So that The tendency can be reversed.

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